The Winklevoss Twins and Their Crypto Ventures

All revolutionary changes in the world will come with supporters and detractors. There are those who believe that cryptocurrency will become the next big thing and it will have more value than gold. Then you have those who feel that this is a bubble that is waiting to burst and there is nothing that anyone

Crypto Wallets: 3 Best Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Pros and Cons

Best Cold Storage Wallets From Cryptocurrencies There are many things that people need to consider when they are thinking about the process of storing cryptocurrency. The truth is that regardless of how safe any kind of storage system might be, there are always going to be some situations in which the potential for hacking could end

Crypto Apps: 3 Best Cryptocurrency Apps for 2017-2018

Anyone who is involved in the process of trading with cryptocurrency and for those just starting in this exciting business are always going to experience problems with this kind of changes and the need for proper applications that can help them see the best results is going to be extremely important. It is for this

Blockchain in Telecommunications

If we talk about technologies, we can say that is always changing, evolving and taking the world into a whole new era. We can see every day lots of new technologies and most of them are not only very hype but also some of them are widely discussed, in fact, the topic we’re going to

Cryptocurrency and New Careers In The High-Tech Industry

Blockchain Industry The freelancers of the modern world have noted that the work opportunities related to Bitcoin are those that produce more, and this means that they are very attractive choice that many individuals seem to want to get started with. The work related to cryptocurrency and other related markets is gaining momentum as it

Altcoins: Steem Coin Review – All About Steem Coin

There are some innovations within the innovative process of cryptocurrency and Steem is one of them. The idea here is to be a social network in which users are rewarded by sharing information and curating content just like it happens with other social media networks out there. People will be able to receive recurrent gains

Altcoins: Estonias Estcoin Cryptocurrency

Estonia is very popular in the digital world and there are many who consider it the silicon valley of Europe. They have come up with their own cryptocurrency, but the government of Estonia has dismissed this as an official currency of the state. The biggest issue is that the European Commission is very reluctant about