A Safe Broker For Trading: 4XFX.com Review – A Full Review of 4XFX Bitcoin CFDs Trading Broker

Review of 4XFX.com Broker (Cryptocurrency Broker)
Review of 4XFX.com Broker (Cryptocurrency Broker)

4XFX Review


4XFX Bitcoin Trading
4XFX Bitcoin Trading

4XFX is one of the numerous trading platforms available for crypto, forex, futures and other types of trading. It has started to be recognized as one of the exclusive ones as it facilitates smooth and fast transactions.  Although this platform was started in March 2018, it has become famous quickly because it provides secure trading and a high rate of transparency among its users.

A team of professionals manages 4XFX, and they review the platform regularly. They work relentlessly to maintain its security and get rid of any vulnerability which might lead to a hack or scam.

Other than that, the vast variety of assets that traders can get at 4XFX have also led to its wide-reaching adoption. The platform can be used for traders from almost 100 states throughout the world.

It offers them a unique chance to not just trade safely, but also enables them to profit from the numerous benefits and promotional offers which are provided by 4XFX for utilizing the platform for the aim of trading.

What 4XFX Broker Entails

4XFX.com describes a forex/crypto broker which provides financial Contract for Differences (CFD) trading services to various investors and traders by issuing a suitable web-based trading platform which is simple, understandable and uncomplicated to use.

This brokerage company was created in 2018 in Estonia. It offers a platform for trading many instruments like commodities, forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies as well as market indices. Since 4XFX is a regulated crypto broker, it offers crypto trading learning to various traders, therefore enhancing their trading skills.

4XFX Scam? Why 4XFX Broker is unique and not a scam

The forex market has become popular, leading to the requirement of trading platforms and the establishment of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. An increasing number of traders have grown keen in trading cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies.

However, they need a safe platform to work from. Nowadays trading platforms are many; however, the issue is that there was an increase in the number of incidents where hackers, as well as other cybercriminals, broke into these platforms’ firewalls.

Additionally, scammers also started to defraud cash from individuals by pretending they are escrow managers. So, it is a big problem to trust platforms. There is one positive aspect of 4XFX; it presents a licensed trading platform for commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex, futures contract, and others. It was started to offer transparency, security, and reliability to all types of trading.

It appears that 4XFX has met its objective as it has turned out to be among the platforms that are widely used to carry out trades. The company is a trading platform that has managed to expand its services to many countries throughout the globe. It operates in many languages that can be understood easily in different regions.

As stated earlier, a team of professionals runs 4XFX. They are familiar with the ecosystem of trading as well as the market’s constant changing trends. So, the platform can offer the traders brilliant educational services to assist them to comprehend the working structure better. Also, they can teach traders how to trade in the market they want, and 4X4X broker also provides them with promotional benefits.

Further, to make sure that traders have a fabulous trading experience, the platform offers access to different programs connected to trading. The 4XFX broker is starting to pride itself for the trading activities (world-class) which are taking place via this platform. It certainly stands out among others where reliability, optimal security, and transparency is concerned. One online website has stated (wrongly) that there is a 4XFX scam going on, we believe that this is just a competitor of 4XFX trying to dirty the brokers name!

Varied Kinds of Accounts for 4XFX

Another reason for the fame experienced by 4XFX is because of the range of account types it provides to the traders when they decide to venture into this area. Essentially, a structure of 3 system account is available.

Traders can operate the regular account structure, rather than an initial deposit payment. The premium account is the second kind of account that is available on 4XFX. It needs a minimum fee and is very affordable.

The option for VIP payment describes the third payment option available to traders. You can operate this account if you want to make a significant minimum initial deposit.

Deposit Options

Where payment options are concerned, traders can select from the three that 4XFX provides. It includes credit cards, wire transfers, and debit cards.

Customer Service

4XFX commits to offer its clients the ideal trading services. Because of this, it has set up a customer care service that is responsive and effective. You can get in touch with their customer service the whole day any time you choose.  You can contact them through email, text messages and phone calls.

4XFX has made sure that experts at the customer support system receiving end who know the working structure of the platform is present. At all times, they are willing to listen to any suggestions you have, reports or complaints. They then endeavor to offer the best workable solution needed.

Security and Safety

Today, insecurity is among the big problems that trading platforms experience. Once in a while, incidents arise of hackers and crackers compromising firewalls then hacking a network. The platform of 4XFX knows about these issues and has taken steps to set up a risk management system which offers their clients the ideal manner of handling their risk.  Traders can use this system to maintain the security of their trade. It ensures they do not experience any big losses.


The design of 4XFX is mobile-friendly. Users can easily navigate web pages as if they are using their personal computer. The pages of the website are well-structured. Traders can log in and out quickly from the platform and perform their trading activities effortlessly.

Apart from that, users enjoy the latest trading news, products, and other platforms, which makes trading easy. You only need to establish an account on 4X4X if you are new in trading. The procedure is straightforward. After you create your account, you should fund it using any of the payment methods provided. After this, you can begin.

So, you should not be concerned about any scams; you can perform your trading activities from a platform that is secure and reliable.

Why 4XFX Broker is Recommended

It is evident that traders will opt for brokers who have gained a good standing in the sector. Even though 4XFX is a moderately new platform in the market, its popularity has dramatically risen in the world of trading. It stands out because of its excellent service and educational programs.

4XFX broker operates on a global scale and offers trading education to potential and existing traders concerning forex, cryptocurrency, stock as well as other types of trading. The worldwide financial markets can be reached via a popular web-trader called MetaTrader4.

You can utilize it to trade futures contracts, trading forex and equity. Another significant benefit of using 4XFX is that it enables you to work using tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktop computers. The software which is utilized on this platform is attuned to all these devices as well as their operating systems. Also, you can get a range of accounts available to you if you want to begin trading. It includes standard spread, Islamic, ECN and demo capabilities.

Some traders might hesitate to use the 4XFX trading platform because it is relatively new in the market. But, its users can get a lot of benefits, hence its broad acceptance. Everyone can use MetaTrader4 as well as different traditional platforms and benefit from a high leverage ratio.

Each trader can enjoy global accounts which offer more transparency and lower transaction and spreads fees. Besides, 4XFX provides affiliate relations that provides a lot of benefits. The newest technology of 256-bit SSL is utilized for encrypting each of the traders’ data, and brilliant customer service is offered.

Unique Features which traders can delight in when using the 4XFX trading platform

Types of platforms present

The 4XFX team works hard to offer traders the best. Therefore, they have opted to utilize the product line of MetaTrader4 which is user-friendly and admired. This product line includes Android Trader, Meta Trader 4, MT4 iPhone, MT4 Mac OS Trader, MT4 Mac OS Trader and iPad trader. So long as you have internet connection access, you can make use of the 4XFX platform to trade despite the time or day it is.

Professional and institutional traders who wish to get high volume all through can utilize ECN accounts to access them at reduced prices and tighter speeds. The creation of these accounts is, particularly for this objective. Mirror Trader offers more trading options.

Deposits and Withdrawals

4XFX supports all standard deposit techniques. These techniques include credit cards, bank wire transfers, and local payment providers. Each of these methods is totally dependable and make it simple for the platform to move the customer’s money.

Regarding withdrawal requests, they are processed quickly. In case of any delay, 4XFX ensures that the client is informed promptly. But, the platform requests all the traders to have their identity information which is internationally mandated in soft-copy form and on file as well to hasten the transactions.

You are advised to do this before the submission of brokerage request. All the traders throughout the globe should adhere to this regulation.

Beginners’ Extensive Support

Another outstanding feature of 4XFX which is notable is their team of workers found in the customer service department. They are sincere and committed. These individuals invest extra effort every day to make sure that a large number of traders available have a good experience. They have issued many awards which portray the platform’s quality and credibility to traders who are not yet decided about it.

Since the services provided by 4XFX are accessed throughout the world, their customer service team offers their support in numerous languages like English, Chinese, Arabic, and Urdu. Some communication modes which can be utilized to get in touch with the customer service department are email, phone, and live chat. You can access these services 24/7 to meet your trading needs as a trader.

Availability of High Leverage

Despite your trading style, 4XFX can meet your requirements since they provide levels 1:100 and 1:200 also. However, traders need to remember that these ratios can cause quick losses also. Therefore, you should be confident and comprehend the involved risks and how to control them.


4XFX prioritizes privacy and security, and all data is defined on their website’s privacy policy. The platform uses encryption systems as well as security measures to make sure that all the website’s interactions are secure and safe. Since each transaction is carried out under secure protocols, chances of another person trading from your account are limited, unless you disclose your username and password.

So, users need to remember that they should not reveal their passwords to anyone, even if a person claiming to be from 4XFX requests you to do this. If you want to use 4XFX to trade, remember you need to be at least 18 years old to start. Also, you need to know the legal limitations of the country you reside in to avoid breaking any rules.

Remember that risks are involved as well and, you should only begin trading if you are ready to deal with them. If you lack the experience and skill, 4XFX can assist as it offers you a lot of learning materials.

4XFX gives you webinars, videos, and e-books whose aim is to assist you to improve your trading knowledge. As you increasingly gain awareness, this raises your prospects of getting trading knowledge; so, it lowers your risks. So, using 4XFX, you can acquire the trading skills you need and use it to make profits in the future.

Essential Elements for a Superb Cryptocurrency Broker

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum have a high demand. But, if you want to trade them with the use of an appropriate crypto broker such as the 4XFX broker you should consider some elements. You need to think of the following points to get the best firm.

A large range of Cryptocurrencies

The company you choose for trading needs to offer the cryptocurrencies you want. Almost every CFD broker avails a minimum of five of the top cryptocurrencies. But, usually, others are not offered. So, if you are going to trade unpopular cryptocurrencies, you should choose a company that provides them with the offer they also have.

Trading Capital Requirements

Many people want to invest around 500 dollars in the trade for cryptocurrencies. So, when a CFD broker has a minimum deposit of 100 dollars, they can meet this category without any problem. However, if the cash you have is lower than the minimum deposit, you should choose a cryptocurrency broker who allows trading with little capital. It is hard to get companies like these. However, you can also trade the digital coins you prefer even with 10 dollars.

Fees for Cryptocurrency Brokers

You should make payment for trading cryptocurrencies as brokers do not provide free services. Even the best cryptocurrency brokers enforce a charge on spreads. But, if you choose a first-rate firm such as 4XFX, these fees will not be a significant problem. You should select your broker depending on your plan for cryptocurrencies trading. A trader who has excellent experience and a day trader (cryptocurrency owner) will both choose a different broker.

Why you need to choose a Crypto Broker instead of a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Many investors who want to buy and hold specific cryptocurrency for an extended period choose a cryptocurrency exchange rather than a crypto broker. They usually do it because there are minimal fees involved. But, if you select this option, you should know some factors.

First, cryptocurrency exchanges lack excellent customer support. If you want help, you should wait for some days for an answer. When the response comes, it looks like a robot wrote it! However, regarding cryptocurrency brokers, in a lot of cases, they offer first-class services. They are ready to help you instantly on an online chat.

The experience CFD brokers have spans many more years, decades even. So, their advice is more useful. You should keep in mind that many cryptocurrency exchanges have gone through cyber-attacks. A CFD broker can experience this also. But, in many cases, it offers a kind of compensation for your loss.

Choosing the best Cryptocurrency Broker

Different brokers for cryptocurrency have diverse spreads on several cryptocurrencies. But, they only have a slight difference. There are popular CVD brokers in the industry like 4XFX. Each of us wishes to make money on our investments with cryptos. But, there are many disadvantages involved. To lower your losses, you need to manage to hedge your stand.

Hedging is essential as it provides transparency on a broker’s risk management. As bitcoins and different cryptocurrencies are explosive, brokers who are unhedged are more susceptible to significant losses compared to their client base causes.

Pose the questions below to your cryptocurrency broker

Do you carry out trades on weekends? Many crypto exchanges remain open. But, a broker and the people who provide their market data may not want to be. So, not every broker supports weekend trading. Because of this, the bitcoin and Ethereum market is changing during the weekend and traders are unable to answer in case their broker closes.

But, how much will you pay for the trades? Each broker charges commission and offers margin accounts. When traders sell cryptocurrencies, they should keep in mind that their cost is the same as equities, not forex. In this regard, other than wider spreads, many brokers charge a commission on crypto trades.

It increases the overall cost of trading and should not be overlooked. Therefore, leverage on products and bitcoins which are similar usually is ten times or lower. Depending on the strategies and risk tolerance of a trader, the margin rates may be an important factor which the broker uses.

Does the broker provide short sales? It is a technique of shielding yourself and producing money when the price decreases. Does a broker offer short trades of the cryptocurrency items they provide? Due to only some hedging solutions for short trades opening, most traders limit their crypto products to just long.

For a lot of them, shorting provides an important strategy. So, trading with a broker who forbids shorting cryptocurrencies is a drawback. It is usually the case where bitcoins and varied cryptocurrencies that are known to be in a bubble and prone to increased intraday drops of 10-15% where shorting may be profitable. This means a cryptocurrency broker is a website where traders venture and trade cryptocurrencies at a set price.

Before registering an account, consider the following:

Is it important to have leverage? Cryptocurrency markets are generally volatile, and costs vary a lot and generate huge profits even when there is no leverage. But, for some trades, the desire for more benefits justifies the use of leverage.

Before you choose your broker, consider whether the profits that are already a lot which is produced by a cryptocurrency market are enough for you or you wish to use leverage to enhance them more. Remember that it will also raise the risk element of your cash significantly.

Negative Balance Protection

At all times it is advisable to trade with a broker who can afford the negative balance facility. It will allow you to avoid the danger of losing more than what you have invested in case you go through many losses.

Do you think The Required Capital is appropriate for you? Do you wish to trade with small or significant capital to help you to get more returns? Check the trades dimension which your broker is offering before you open an account.

Trading Platforms for 4XFX.COM

4XFX.com provides a trading platform that is effective, in the structure of Meta Trader. It is a trading platform that is web-based, and it participates in trading forex, cryptocurrency, stock indices, precious metals and future contracts. It can carry out trades from standard tools like tablets, smartphones, computers, personal laptops, and mobile phones. So, it facilitates simple access of trading from any area at any time as it matches their operating systems.

Accounts for 4XFX Trading

A demo trading accounts include the 4XFX.com crypto broker. This kind of account offers traders the chance to trade cryptocurrency and improve their trading skills. Using a demo account, traders can become familiar with the trading platform’s functionality and test it.

It offers a precise simulation of real trading situations and checkmates each established trading strategy. It provides a medium for proper interpretation of technical indicators, charting tools and graphs. The 4XFX.com offers other accounts like ECN capacity account, standard spread account as well as an Islamic account.

The flexibility of 4XFX Trading

4XFX trading is a worldwide financial service provider. It offers a flexible medium for trading cryptocurrencies, CFDs and bitcoin. It gives investors the likelihood of generating profit from the financial market concerning the pricing situation.

The 4XFX broker provides traders and investors the possibility of not becoming a cryptocurrency owner. This step effectively lowers the cost linked with owning the cryptocurrency. It means that a trader can generate profits by selling a cryptocurrency while anticipating a rise and purchase at a reduced rate when the cost reduces.

Leverages of 4XFX

4XFX.com offers leverages with CFD trading. CFD and Cryptocurrency trading with 4XFX.com broker enables a significant rise in capital in contrast to the first investments. Risk management tools like take profit orders, stop-loss order, trailing stops and stop entry order are available which reduces the inclination of losing cash. 4XFX.com also offers its client money management techniques. Here, traders gain knowledge on how to save their money, rather than only concentrating on how to generate more cash.

Outstanding Features of the 4XFX trading Platform

A range of Trading Assets

A very noticeable feature of 4XFX is your ability to utilize this platform to trade a range of assets. Not all traders wish to sell in the market for commodities, and some may want to check whether they can get lucky with cryptocurrencies. Some traders may find foreign currencies fascinating while others are keen on stocks. 4XFX can cater to these requirements effectively. This platform enables you to trade the assets below:

  • Indices

You can access the leading financial markets without placing yourself at risk in particular stocks. It allows you to benefit from the shifting of commodity trading via this platform.

  • Commodities

Trading commodities such as gold and oil can be hugely profitable especially when the economy is uncertain. 4XFX offers traders the tools they require to make smart and educated trades in the commodities market.

  • Forex

Each forex trader at 4XFX can access the most popular and exotic currency trading pairs, and they provide direct market access on margin and competitive rates.

  • Cryptocurrencies

In the trading arena today, cryptocurrencies appear to be the in-thing and 4XFX offers its clients the chance to take part in this newest trend in the sector. The most famous cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. are accessible and it provides high leverage as well as flexible contract size.

  • Stocks

With 4XFX you can trade in a variety of stocks at excellent rates. This platform is a wonderful pick because of high leverage options and low commissions.

Different trading Options

The assets which you can trade on this trading platform are not just choice. Another reason that makes this platform famous is that multiple platforms are present to assist a trader to begin. A web-trading platform is available for the ones who want to venture in to this sector. Other options which can be explored are trading apps and mobile-trading. These options offer variety and convenience which traders find attractive as it signifies they can do it everywhere and anywhere.

Huge Variety of Accounts

You will choose among the various account options that 4XFX provides, and this is determined by the kind of trader you are. They are:

  • Starter: As per the name, this type of account is appropriate for beginners who have joined the world of trading and wish to trade conventionally while expanding their experience.
  • Silver: This account is best for traders who have amassed some knowledge and are prepared to utilize their experience in the market to increase their profits.
  • Gold: 4XFX has created this account for all traders who take their trading activities seriously and can utilize the tools and features provided by the platform.
  • Platinum: This account is created for VIP traders who want to utilize 4XFX broker for their trading requirements. These traders have the great ambition about their trades and wish to benefit from the entire experience provided by the platform.

One notable factor is that the quantity of initial deposit needed for all these accounts differs. The Silver and Starter accounts are very affordable, while Platinum and Gold need more investment compared to others.

Other than these features, 4XFX has become famous also because it is user-friendly. It is easy to create an account and you can deposit money through three payment methods that are popular and common such as bank wire transfers as well as credit and debit cards.

The platform has a requirement that traders should be 18 years old to start. Also, they need to present personal data which is precise and detailed which includes name, country of residence, address and proof of identity.

You need not be concerned about your personal information’s security as the website utilizes stringent security protocols to keep all data safe. Everything is encrypted, and hackers and cybercriminals are not able to take advantage of any weaknesses because important security steps are established.

Traders should keep their passwords and username secure and avoid sharing them with anyone. They should also change them often. Other than that, the best feature about 4XFX is that it comes in a huge range of languages and because of this it can be used in about 100 countries globally.

Trading Crypto with 4XFX

All of us appreciate how vital trading in crypto is at some point. Usually, individuals do not realize that it is important to have the guarantee that they can easily enjoy good trades without going through any specific hurdles connected to that.

The 4XFX is a company that is proud to offer crypto trading services to their customers. 4XFX has worked had to set up a big customer base of committed people who cherish and value the company’s outstanding services whenever they need them. The firm is a market leader because of its innovative approach when it comes to crypto trading. The innovative approach enabled them to outmaneuver the competition and enforce their total domination on the market mentioned.

Their huge client base is proof that their approach is superior compared to their rivals. Although they are just a few years old, they have surpassed their competition in all aspects, proving unrivalled sense of creative and innovative thinking. It led to them being top of other institutions and firms in their niche.

One major point that assisted to shape 4XFX into their current stature was their brilliant customer service. The company over delivers on its promises and has acquired many clients who have quickly moved to 4XFX from their competitors because of how 4XFX treats their clients. 4XFX lists brokerage and crypto trading as the most vital services. The firm is popular for their experts, particularly due to the insight they have for great trades.

You can Trade Forex CFDs also

Forex Market Tips

Learning Forex trading can be difficult; however, if you become skilled at it, you can generate income from it. To assist you to reap maximum benefit from the system, you can use the tips below for Forex trading to make the procedure easier for you.

One tip for Forex trading to trade successfully with Forex is to get the ideal Forex broker. There are many important reasons for this. You need to make sure that the Forex broker you select suits you best and that you will acquire the best investment features.

In many parts of the globe, the profits you generate when trading with Forex are free from tax. It is categorized as interest; therefore, it will not be necessary for you to pay any tax on the profits you make. You need to make sure that the Forex broker you pick does raise its spreads to put up with the higher profits which you can generate because of tax exemption and you try to keep away from brokers who charge fees as well as commission.

All brokers present a spread on the currency. You will finally pay a price that is slightly higher compared to the currency’s value to cater to the brokers costs. But, this is nothing compared to being forced to pay commission or taxes.

You need to make sure that you have your broker’s permission if you intend to utilize automated Forex software with your broker.  Some brokers have no problem if you utilize a robot; however, others close your account if you do this.

You need to select a broker who will let you make low-cost trades and small investments. Some brokers will only permit you to deposit $500 or more to enable you to set up an account with them. If you are just beginning, get brokers who will let you invest $300 or $250 like 4XFX since it is going to be safer for you.

Advantages of the 4XFX Broker

If you want to join the trading world, the first thing you should have is a report containing a suitable 4XFX broker that you have chosen. The main aim of finding a new broker is to remain updated with the latest trading that emerge each day. This 4XFX platform is easy to use.

Therefore, the trading software that is online-based is important to make the 4XFX trading much simpler. The 4XFX broker can offer you free access to the financial market world through the Meta Trader 4 and via a mobile app also. When trading in 4XFX you can trade much more than the standard forex pairs.

The Estonian financial regulator controls the 4XFX. This broker’s main responsibility is describing everything clearly. They give you a detailed illustration of the low spreads also. All you have to do is study the reviews of 4XFX and get detailed data regarding their low spreads. So, the 4XFX broker is a wonderful market with different kinds of accounts and a simple platform for trading as well. They also provide their regulation and offer traders a great option for cryptocurrency trading.

Requirements for Webtrader Platform and Its Benefits

4XFX utilizes the famous Webtrader Platform. This platform is among the common technology which assists is offering powerful support when trading. Here, computer programs automatically start a complete set of directives to get more profit.

The frequency and speed of the success rate is unimaginable since this platform will utilize the distinct set of rules that includes the cost, time and amount of the mathematical model.

Monitoring the shares’ live status is crucial for a human trader who wants to succeed. However, this platform will assist in giving a computerized approach that assists in keeping you occupied in a different activity.

Benefit of utilizing trading platform

The Webtrader platform provides many benefits that make the trader succeed effortlessly. The software is going to automate the comprehensive trading activity according to the ideal prices. The trade order placement is going to occur immediately, making the act very precise. The trade’s timing is used in a manner to offer effective results fast.

A lot of multiple checks are going to be present which greatly assists during the various markets trading option. When trading is going on, the manual mistakes are going to be greatly reduced which leads to traders becoming very successful.


The 4XFX brokerage firm provides trading educational tutorials that are effective, withdrawal and deposit options which are user-friendly, and a safe trading system where personal data and private information are encrypted. Th firm safeguards the funds of an investor from other banks using account segregation and provides effective trading tools such as technical indicators, charting tools, economic indicators and trading platforms.

To conclude, it goes without saying that 4XFX are your ideal choice if you want top-notch crypto trading services. Their swiftness will surprise you and they will give you the best in the state. It means that they are your best deal.

Give them a chance to personally prove this to you!