GigaFX Review: Your Gateway into the Trading World

GigaFX Review
GigaFX Review

Have you decided to enter the trading world? There was a time when becoming a trader involved a lot of hassle and complications, which meant that not everyone could do so. Yet, many people wanted to trade because it had the potential of offering huge returns even with a small amount of capital. The good news is the advancement in technology and the widespread use of the internet has made things accessible for people and this also applies to trading markets. Anyone can trade these days without having to jump through a lot of hoops. But, one requirement has stayed consistent; you still need to find a trustworthy broker where you can get the services you need for trading successfully.

When you start your hunt for a broker, you will find a multitude of options at your disposal. There are thousands of brokers who have now sprung up, but caution should be exercised because some are just scams and not authentic brokers. One of the most reliable options that you will come across is GigaFX. Established in 2018, the broker has successfully earned a name for itself in a constantly changing and competitive market. Based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, a company called Four Square International Ventures Ltd. developed this excellent broker to provide everyone the opportunity of executing trades the right way.

The good thing about GigaFX is that the broker can be used by traders in more than 50 countries around the globe and has offices in multiple countries namely Germany, the United Kingdom and Estonia. Other than this fact, there are plenty of other features that have made GigaFX an appealing broker. What are they? Let’s take a look:


When you decide to use GigaFX’s services, you get the opportunity of trading Contract for Difference (CFDs) in over 2,200 underlying global financial markets. This is a huge advantage because it enables traders to mitigate their risk through diversification as they have access to various markets. Some markets that are open to you via GigaFX are:

  • Commodities: GigaFX provides its clientele with access to some of the top commodities like natural gas, silver, gold and oil. Traders who don’t want to participate in volatile markets can explore this option as they will find great rates and really tight spreads. Leverage can go as high as 1:50, which is also an advantage. There are plenty of educational tools and other content available for commodity trading and it can be done on multiple platforms.
  • Cryptocurrencies: These are one of the most popular assets being traded these days, despite their volatility as it also has a huge profit potential. GigaFX has ensured that its customers can trade some of the most coveted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The broker also offers a crypto wallet and trades are executed instantly. Traders can enjoy high leverage in crypto trading and the rates are excellent and environment secure.
  • Indices: Whether you are interested in trading niche indices or prominent indices, GigaFX offers you all. Account funding has been made easy and traders can set price alerts and notifications for real-time index quotes. Index trading is available after hours and advanced index strategy tools are also offered on GigaFX. Thanks to the high leverage options, traders don’t have to have a huge capital for boosting their profitability.
  • Forex: When it comes to trading foreign currency, GigaFX has tried to create positive conditions for its traders to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience. The broker gives access to some of the most popularly traded and liquid currency pairs and the leverage available is 150 percent, along with some of the tightest spreads. The broke ensures fast trade executions, profit maximizing tools and several trading platforms can also be found.
  • Cannabis Stocks: One of the biggest benefits offered by GigaFX is that it gives you the option of trading Cannabis stocks. No other broker offers this options to their client, which distinguishes GigaFX from the crowd. Cannabis is being legalized in many countries and this market offers a high profit potential. Traders have an excellent opportunity of buying stocks of renowned Cannabis companies such as Aurora Cannabis Inc., GW Pharmaceuticals, Tilray Inc. and Cronos Group Inc.
  • Stocks: Other than Cannabis stocks, GigaFX also provides its users with the opportunity of investing in stocks of big tech and sports companies as well as others. Executions are timely and trading is accessible and user-friendly for everyone. An appealing fact is that you can trade stocks of numerous publicly traded companies 24/7. GigaFX allows you to choose your position, trade on whatever platform that suits you and get some of the best rates in the market.


The complexity of trading also depends on the platform that’s being used for conducting trades and not just the platform itself. This is particularly true in the case of new traders because there is already a learning curve and a difficult platform adds more burden. In fact, even professional and experienced traders want to use platforms that make it easy for them to trade rapidly. The tougher a platform, the more their performance will suffer. As a result, GigaFX has ensured that when it comes to trading platforms, traders of various backgrounds can find a platform they are comfortable with. The options that GigaFX has made available are:

  • Web Trader: One of the most basic options that GigaFX provides its customer base is this one. As the name indicates, it doesn’t require any download or installation and can be used for trading forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities and stocks with ease. When it comes to design and functionality, the user interface is exceptional and internet connection is enough for you to get started. Plus, there are a horde of charting tools, graphs and useful content that can be helpful in making better trading decisions.
  • MetaTrader4: GigaFX has kept up with market trends and incorporated the extremely popular MT4 trading platform that’s widely used in the market. It provides custom indicators as per the preference of the trader and there is also the option of Expert Advisors (EAs). These can be used for automated trading while the traders themselves can just go about their day after setting their desired parameters. Signals can be copied throughout the day and custom watch lists can also be created. The performance of the platform is downright flawless as there are no lags or delays and comes with comprehensive charts and graphs that are helpful.
  • Mobile Trader: Last, but not the least, GigaFX has provided its traders with the opportunity of trading on the go. You no longer have to be at the office or in front of your computer to conduct your trades because now you can use your mobile device for this purpose. This is incredibly beneficial because it enables you to execute your trades as soon as you make your decisions and not wait to get to the office. Apps for Android and iOS are available and can be downloaded with ease. The functionality, design, features and tools are the same as the web version.

Account Options

GigaFX was developed to address the needs of all kinds of traders and not just from one particular background. Therefore, there are several account options that the broker has to offer. There is a custom-made solution for the experienced trader who is willing to take things a step further and also for beginners who are just starting their journey and cannot afford to invest a large sum of money. Traders can go over the four account options that GigaFX has provided and choose one that meets your needs in the best possible way. The four options you will find are:

  • Starter Account

This account has been created for those who have absolutely no experience in the trading world and cannot afford to be too out there. With this account type, they get a chance to get some notches on their belt and get ready for more serious and exciting trades.

  • Silver Account

After traders have had some experience and gained some confidence, the Silver Account helps them in moving up a level and use what they have learnt to rake in some profits.

  • Gold Account

Serious traders need to sign up for the Gold account that GigaFX has to offer as this is designed for their ambitious nature and has the services, tools and features that are required to earn more.

  • Premium Account

The fourth account option on GigaFX is the Premium one and this is for professional and skilled traders with considerable experience. They are interested in making big and riskier trades because they have the knowledge and skills needed to do so.

No matter what account you choose to sign up for, you can use whatever trading platform you wish to use. GigaFX has not restricted your choice in terms of trading platform. Similarly, every account comes with a personal account manager, Expert Advisors (EAs) and some training to help traders move forward. In the Starter Account, the spreads are fixed to control the risks whereas other account types come with floating spreads as this increases profit potential. Apart from that, every account has access to the Education and Resource center offered by GigaFX, the latest market news, hedging and customer support 24/5.

With the Premium and Gold accounts, an experienced market consultant is available, who offers valuable insight and guidance. These accounts also come with one-on-one training as well as daily market alerts. Premium account holders can also benefit from a Personal Bonus policy and Expert Training and Gold and Silver account holders can access webinars.

Payment Solutions

Security is a constant worry for traders because you don’t want to put your finances at risk. This is exactly what GigaFX has to offer to traders as it has ensured that users can enjoy fast and secure deposits as well as withdrawals. Several payment solutions are offered to the traders and any one method can be chosen as per your preference because they are all secured with the PCI DSS certified payment gateway. Due to these security measures, withdrawals can only be made through the same method used for making deposits on GigaFX.

As GigaFX provides its services in more than 60 countries around the world, they have also introduced local payment methods to make it easy for traders. The payment solutions that the broker has to offer include credit and debit cards, which are great for fast deposits, but withdrawals might take some time. Different cards can be used such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners, Solo and Delta. Electronic payment solutions are also available to keep up with the times such as prepaid credit cards and e-wallets, which are incredibly convenient.

Wire transfer option is also offered by GigaFX, which is suitable for traders who are not interested in using electronic options and don’t have a problem in waiting for their funds. Through this option, money can be transferred directly from your bank account to your account on GigaFX. Last, but not the least, the broker is offering a unique payment method in the form of cryptocurrencies. Traders can make deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin and a crypto wallet is available, which makes this easy.

An inactivity fee is charged by GigaFX if the account is not used for more than six months. There are also deposit and withdrawal limits applicable on credit and debit cards of 250 EUR/GBP and 30,000 EUR/GBP respectively. For bank wire transfers, the minimum deposit is 500 EUR/GBP.

Other than these aspects, GigaFX has also excelled in terms of superior customer service and the huge variety of trading tools they have on offer for their traders. They also have a comprehensive education and resource center, which can be immensely valuable because it adds to every trader’s knowledge and helps them in mastering even the most complicated aspects of trading in the right way to polish their skills.

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